Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Canada's New Face - The Orange Crush and Blue Wave

What's happened in Canada or in particular Quebec? Well it seems like some of us have swung left and others have swung right. Middle ground mediocrity is over. Passion is back in politics.

Before I get too carried away there are some facts to consider. The left received 30% of the votes cast and the right received 39%. That leaves a little more than 30% which is still occupied by the middle ground. But wait, it gets worse. These percentages are only from the votes cast. Well only 61% of voters cast their votes. This leaves 39% of voters who couldn't care enough to cast a vote. For all you reticent recliners, don't feel guilty about how a few young voters were able to slightly improve the percentages by organizing vote mobs. They were able to improve voter apathy from the last election which posted a meager 58% turnout.

It seems like the N.D.P. was able to do what no other party could and that was to crush the bloc Quebecois. Congratulations to those in Quebec who sent the separatists packing. The N.D.P. can do far more for the province than the Bloc could ever do but we shall see. 

Now that Parliament will be more passionate with it's new found polarization, maybe it will stir some of you comfy couch sitters to get up and drive to the corner with your drivers license in hand and vote next election. The only trouble is you'll now have to wait four years to exercise your rights. Well you can sit back and watch Stephen Harper give away your country to the Multinational Corporations. Maybe this video will help explain it to you.

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Trooper Thorn said...

the days of compromising to try to appeal to everyone are over. At long last, it will matter to have an opinion.