Monday, May 9, 2011

Jack Layton phoned me during the election and said, ....!

Jack Layton called me several times during the election. As an N.D.P. member who liked to be "active" during elections, I was not surprised. He called me about a rally he was having in my community and requested my attendance. He called me about my support on election day and whether I would contribute money to the party. On none of these occasions did he ask for my advice nor did I volunteer it. On one occasion I did try to interrupt him but he just kept talking. I then realized I was only listening to robocalls:)

Now that the N.D.P is the Official Opposition Party Jack will experience what a true national party in Canada experiences. He will be pulled in many directions. Historically, the New Democratic Party's roots are from Western Canada. Their base is found in the labor movement which is larger in Ontario. The maritime provinces have flirted with the party by electing the odd M.P. The labor movement in Quebec tend to favor separatism. Within the party there are struggles between the environmentalists and some private sector unions. There are some minor tensions between other special interest groups.

Within the country, there are regional interests in the West and Quebec. In Ontario they might like Jack Layton but they are suspicious of his party. The Maritimes will be fine and so will the West Coast.

The biggest problem for Jack Layton will be having so many inexperienced M.P.'s from Quebec. Some of them have separatist aspirations but that will be more of an issue for some Westerners.

My advice for Jack Layton (if he only asked) would be, to not forget the real reason people voted for him. It wasn't for Western or Quebec issues. Quebec is done (for now) with separatist parties and their petty nationalist issues. The West is doing fine and has nothing to whine about (I'm from the West). What people really voted for was someone they could trust who would represent their issues, like jobs, health care and a compassionate government. These are the great strengths of the N.D.P. If Jack stays focused on these issues he and the N.D.P. will be successful. Well that's my advice, maybe he'll hear it next time he phones.

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