Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama's Immigration - - - - Policy!

 President Obama is calling on legislators to reform the U.S. Immigration laws. There are many views on how to accomplish this. What should really be done to reform immigration?  The Republican's answer is to increase border security so Latinos cannot cross the border illegally. Once again they want to ignore the complexities of the issues and appeal to the ignorant.  As my teenage son would say, "Way to go Captain Obvious."

Immigration reforms need to address the following issues:
  • There needs to be a process for how some illegal immigrants, that are living within the U.S., can become legal, carefully and gradually. 
  • There needs to be an orderly process with how farm workers can get temporary visas to work legally in the U.S. at jobs Americans don't want and then return back to their home country. 
  • The legal immigration of Latin Americans to the U.S. needs to be simpler with less red tape.  
  • Border security is also important in two ways. To ensure an orderly process occurs for those wanting to enter the country legally with no one jumping the cue. To also stop drugs, terrorists and gangs from entering the country.
  • Internal security must be vigilante in ensuring farm laborers and others must be legal and companies who facilitate illegal immigration must receive severe penalties including permanent shut-downs of their enterprise.  
  • The reforms need to apply differently to the southern border then to the northern border. There are different issues with Mexico than there are with Canada who is the number one trading partner with the U.S. The U.S. could be hurt economically if they are not careful here. To spend the same amount patrolling the northern border would also be a waste of needed resources and hinder commercial trade. People in Canada are not flocking to the U.S. for jobs. They have plenty of well paying jobs in their own country.
The country needs to increase it's population by increasing immigration. All of the studies have shown that in North America, throughout it's history whenever there has been a massive  influx of immigrants into the country there have been economic booms. The ignorant continue to assume that new immigrants take away jobs. The facts show this to be a mere creation by those who are prejudice.

The golden bobble that dangles before Democrats and Republicans is the support of 50 million Latins who can exercise their vote positively for the party that deals with them fairly and honestly.

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