Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama What Next?

So they finally got Osama Bin Laden! This is good news in that they finally killed the symbolic leader of most Islamist radicals. Probably no one rejoices more than the Moderate Muslims living abroad in non Muslim countries. Where they have been treated as if they were religious radicals. Where does this leave the United States and it's allies fighting in Afghanistan? Will Al Qaeda fizzle away until all that's left is a civil war in Afghanistan. Does this not add to the futility of this war? What will happen to the Arab Spring? My guess is it will become stronger.     


sensiblediscussion said...

Finally a good piece of intelligence work!

Dust said...

Aye Caramba! My plan to capture that man for the reward money is foiled.

Dust said... check out my blog.

Dust said...
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