Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unions,....Time to Move Forward

There seems to be a shift in Canada towards the left. There may be an opportunity for trade unions to pick-up the dropped ball and advance forward and convince society of it's need for union involvement and it's continued relevance.

Partly why trade unionism is on a slow decline is because of the lack of organising effort on the part of the unions. The largest union in Canada is the Canadian Union of Public Employees. In the Metro- Vancouver area there is not one representative within C.U.P.E. dedicated to organising new certifications. Unions have become too complacent with the status-quo. They need to move forward and conquer new ground. Unions have lost their aggressiveness in society.

To go along with this new drive there needs to be a re-education of society with regards to the role of unions within our society. Unions are responsible for much social justice but they also provide a stay in society, holding back the erosion of wages or stopping economic injustice.

People in Canada love their social programs but many have no idea that these programs are a result of union efforts to change the conditions within society. Many have drank the Kool-aid of the right which say that unions are not necessary because Corporations have changed their ways and are much more compassionate. The naive need to realize that corporations only answer to the bottom line (i.e. -money) and only the bottom line matters. They will do whatever it takes to benefit themselves.  Search for unions in crisis the future of organized labor in America

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