Sunday, June 12, 2011

Green Energy - Green Economy - Where are they?

Alright where's my affordable green energy car and where are all the windmills that are supposed to dot the landscape and seascape? Why are the oil companies still getting subsidies while making billions off of us? Where is the Green Revolution that President Obama and others were supposed to start when they took office. Great Britain has started?

By 2010 I wanted one of my two cars to be an electric plug-in not one of these wimpy unplugable hybrids that get less gas mileage than my Hyundai Excel. The only two cars that seem somewhat affordable are the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf but the Volt is about $10,000 overpriced and the Nissan Leaf is about $15,000 over what it should be. We need affordable electrics for under $20,000.

We should be on a manufacturing spree producing windmills, solar panels, and tidal propellers like aircraft and tanks were produced during the Second World War. This will produce jobs, jobs, jobs, as all the politicians keep singing about with no results. Where are the visionaries? Many of us are waiting!

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