Monday, June 27, 2011

Postal Workers - Ordered Back - Imposed agreement - government controls labour relations.

It's funny how right wing governments always want to have the least amount of regulation as possible, on corporations  but when it comes to the unions the same thing doesn't apply. They do not want the chips to fall where they fall when a strike occurs but they want to interfere with the outcome. Of course it always ends up favoring the employers.

With public sector unions it's really easy for the government to rig the deck in their favor. They not only legislate them back to work but they force arbitration on the postal workers. In this case the arbitrator/mediator is mandated under the legislation to rule on the last offer that was on the table. The only problem is, is that the government changed the last offer from the government to the union to make it more regressive than in their real final offer. Government 1, postal workers 0.

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usa postal service said...

It has been a very frustrating outcome as well. Many post workers feel that their union is powerless and the government is stomping on labor rights.