Thursday, June 23, 2011

Republican Leadership Hopefuls - Anaemic slate -Platitudes and Hollow Promises

Well the Republicans have their leadership slate and have had their first debates. So far they've come up with nothing constructive. They were afraid to take each other on so they all took on Obama who wasn't there, of course.

Mitt Romney tried to deny that his health care plan he created for Massachusetts would also be effective for the entire country. Michelle Bachman wanted to announce that she was running for president, even though everyone else thought that that is why she was at the presidential debate. Ron Paul wanted to sell everything the government owned and Newt Gingrich created his own statistics about the Reagan era. The rest of the candidates and their conversations were just a blur of platitudnal mediocrity.

They are against universal health care, taxes for the rich, eliminating subsidies to oil companies and corporations. They would have let General Motors and Chrysler go bankrupt. They would like to lower or eliminate welfare, unemployment insurance and medicare for Seniors. They have little to offer to the middle-class and would like to lower the deficit by eliminating programs for the poor and elderly. They would eliminate President Obama's Health Care Plan. They and their friends are rich and they have rich interests in mind. Don't be fooled! Their claims are not factual.

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