Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Syria Tortures - a Bankrupt Regime - Child Killers!

There is some more disgusting politics on the international scene. After the systematic rapes in Libya it was hard to imagine if things could get any worse for the Arab Spring uprisings. Yesterday it was reported that the despotic regime of Bashar al-Assad had captured a small 13 year old boy on April 29 during one of the protests. His name was Hamza al-Khatib, and he was delivered back to his parents dead. His body was battered and mutilated and said to have multiple gunshot wounds, bruises and a missing penis. One can only imagine the horror that his parents must have experienced when his body arrived at their home.

Any credibility this regime still had has now evaporated as this child becomes a national symbol of hatred and defiance against the Baathist regime.  The ultimate bully, a regime that doesn't have the courage or awareness to step down and allow a government chosen and responsible to its citizens to rule in its place. The ultimate bully, a regime that picks on the most vulnerable in society because it wants to hold on to power no matter what the price.

The people of Syria deserve democracy but will they get it? At this point it is unlikely that any help will come from the West. Their resources are depleted and their peoples are weary of war. Like many other countries that received little or no help from outside their borders, the Syrians  may have to find a way to throw off their oppressors on their own. Unfortunately this will probably not be done by peaceful protests but by armed rebellion leading to civil war.

To the Arab Spring in Syria I say, "Live on and may you accomplish your dream"
 ةسسومبليش يور دريم ...فريدوم فريدوم فريدوم


Marg said...

If only a bankruptcy lawyer Phoenix could handle the financial situation of bankrupt countries, things might be a little different. The crimes committed during this regime shift are even sadder.

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The Syrians have the power to overthrow their regime if they want to, but they are just avoiding to result to arms. I wonder how many deaths are needed to make the world realize the truth regarding the situation in Syria.