Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stanley Cup Hockey Riots- Who are the heros?

If you were living outside of Vancouver and you heard about the rioting that happened on the streets of  Vancouver after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup Final to the Boston Bruins you may of surmised that the fans in Vancouver were poor losers. If you look closer at the story you will see that there were a number of stories within the story that challenged this assumption.

About 20,000 people came out the next morning into the streets of Vancouver to help clean-up the mess of broken glass, garbage and the aftermath of looting. During the riots many people put their own lives at risk to stop the looting and destruction. The majority of fans I talked with were disgusted by the actions of a few hundred entitled youth who have problems with drinking and aggression.

I was in the downtown area watching the game with some friends (one of them was from Boston). After the game my wife and I took the Sky Train Transit to leave the area. While we were on the train hundreds of youth and young adults poured onto the train. A fight broke out on the platform where people were boarding the train. The police broke up the fight and handcuffed the men involved. They used great restraint while many young people were snapping pictures and video tapping the event. A group of young men behind us were commenting about the event being historic and how they were a part of it.

After taking all this in, I laughed to myself at how naive many of these young adults were that they thought they were somehow part of some momentous time in history  Then I thought of those who were rioting in Syria or fighting against tyranny in Libya. One group has a real cause of freedom and the other group has pent up anger with no clear direction in their lives.

For those of you who do not live in this area, take note that we who do are ashamed of these people and many people who were down there are turning in photos and videos of the criminal acts to the police and they are now being arrested.

Vancouverites love their hockey but they love their city more. To those who stood up for what was right we commend you as true heros. By the way, the friend from Boston, he paid for the entire bill at our table. Now that's good sportsmanship.

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