Friday, May 6, 2011

Was Osama Executed? - Pakistan and Pictures

Executed Osama?
Well it seems like the story of Bin Laden's death keeps changing. The more it changes the more suspicions are raised. Is it really that unusual for the information to be scattered regarding the invasion of Osama Bin Laden's compound?

Michael Moore has stated, "Why can't they (Government) just admit that they executed Bin Laden?"  While it may be true that that was the Seals objective going into the compound, we don't know that definitively. Consider a few points before you race to assumptions:
  1. Al Qaeda is known for blowing up things.
  2. Bin Laden has been seen using various weapons.
  3. Chances are the Seals wouldn't have known if the place was rigged with explosives.
  4. Bin Laden didn't surrender so was he looking for a gun or an electronic detonator?
If your a Special Forces soldier you have to make split second decisions with regards to your enemies intent while trying to stay alive. It's not surprising that unarmed people get shot in such an operation. We may never know what the orders were.

The argument regarding execution vs. "shot in action" seems somewhat hypocritical when you consider how many times the U.S. has sent missiles into similar houses or compounds without anyone on the ground to verify the target or give the opponent the option to surrender.

What's with Pakistan?

It sure looks like someone in Pakistan was sheltering Bin Laden, someone at a very high level in the military and/or government. If Pakistan wants to restore their relationship with the U.S. then they will surrender the other Al Qaeda leaders and save their people from any more "collateral damage" resulting from U.S. missile strikes or Special Op's forces. Let's face it, Pakistan has a convenient relationship with the United States but to call them an ally is a stretch.

What about the pictures?

I'm not sure if I agree with the Obama administrations argument that to show the pictures of Bin Laden's dead body would incite rage in Muslims world wide but what if I'm wrong. Is it worth taking the chance, considering the possible outcome? Is it worth putting people at risk to satisfy our curiosity or paranoia? Maybe not. It seems less important now that Al Qaeda has acknowledged his death. Maybe to be shown to those relatives who lost loved ones in 911 might be a way of doing this. I would believe their verification, wouldn't you? When considering pictures we need to keep in mind the most important picture is the ideological goal that Osama Bin Laden had for the Western World and every other infidel society which of course included all Muslims who didn't agree with his version of Islam.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Canada's New Face - The Orange Crush and Blue Wave

What's happened in Canada or in particular Quebec? Well it seems like some of us have swung left and others have swung right. Middle ground mediocrity is over. Passion is back in politics.

Before I get too carried away there are some facts to consider. The left received 30% of the votes cast and the right received 39%. That leaves a little more than 30% which is still occupied by the middle ground. But wait, it gets worse. These percentages are only from the votes cast. Well only 61% of voters cast their votes. This leaves 39% of voters who couldn't care enough to cast a vote. For all you reticent recliners, don't feel guilty about how a few young voters were able to slightly improve the percentages by organizing vote mobs. They were able to improve voter apathy from the last election which posted a meager 58% turnout.

It seems like the N.D.P. was able to do what no other party could and that was to crush the bloc Quebecois. Congratulations to those in Quebec who sent the separatists packing. The N.D.P. can do far more for the province than the Bloc could ever do but we shall see. 

Now that Parliament will be more passionate with it's new found polarization, maybe it will stir some of you comfy couch sitters to get up and drive to the corner with your drivers license in hand and vote next election. The only trouble is you'll now have to wait four years to exercise your rights. Well you can sit back and watch Stephen Harper give away your country to the Multinational Corporations. Maybe this video will help explain it to you.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama's Body......Let the Conspiracies begin!

When I first learned of Bin Laden's death I was struck by how quick and strange it seemed with the U.S. Navy's handling of his body. They transported his body to a naval ship where they obtained D.N.A. evidence that the body was indeed Bin Laden's. They then performed the Muslim rituals of burial before they dumped his body into the sea.

These actions seem a set-up for all those conspiracy theorists who believe Osama Bin Laden will live forever and will work with the Dali Lama to overthrow Russia and appoint Donald Trump as president. Okay, maybe that's a little too far out there but doesn't it raise some people's suspicions or questions about if this incident really happened or "how do we know you really got him". Maybe we need to see a picture or video that would alleviate our paranoia. Kind of like the Birth Certificate thing:)

When you take a second look and consider further what they did, you're left to conclude that they executed (pun intended) a brilliant plan. They didn't leave the body behind for the Pakistan army to exploit in whatever they they saw fit. They took the body to a naval ship where they could control what happened with it. They were free to do D.N.A. tests and have Bin Laden's wife identify the body. It was there that they could confirm his identity. They were able to film all of this while they respectfully prepared his body for burial. Burying his body at sea confirms that no one can venerate his grave or make his tomb into a symbol of martyrdom. Releasing photographs a week or so later will silence the conspiracy theorists and show moderate Muslims that his remains were treated respectfully.

When all is said and done, I will still be more assured when I see a picture or two.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Will Al-Qaeda Crumble?

The fact that Bin Laden is dead will not bring an end to Al-Qaeda. At least not right away. His second in command, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, is still out there and he has been the operations leader for a number of years. He is less charismatic within the Muslim world but is still a significant figure. Al-Qaeda is like a franchise and can be run by different leaders. In Yemen it is run by an American named Anwar al-Awlak. This branch is called Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) No, Al-Qaeda will continue.

The killing of Osama Bin Laden will be a morale blow to the Al-Qaeda movement. His ideological views will be questioned as a way to bring change in the Islamic world. Maybe now more Muslims will look towards the Arab Spring as a way to bring about change and allow all Muslims to experience freedom and participate in democratic change.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama What Next?

So they finally got Osama Bin Laden! This is good news in that they finally killed the symbolic leader of most Islamist radicals. Probably no one rejoices more than the Moderate Muslims living abroad in non Muslim countries. Where they have been treated as if they were religious radicals. Where does this leave the United States and it's allies fighting in Afghanistan? Will Al Qaeda fizzle away until all that's left is a civil war in Afghanistan. Does this not add to the futility of this war? What will happen to the Arab Spring? My guess is it will become stronger.